I rode shotgun
In the heart of the fun
At a sixties teenage wedding
The bride wore pink
As she dragged the ink
Hope smiling on her new gold ring

But the ring it broke
And nobody spoke
Of what had happened behind closed doors
A forked branch grew
And two startled birds flew
To their solitary nests for one

This was when
They became our friends
Not just the parents they had always been
A new light shone
Once the tears were gone
The likes of which we had never seen

Time does mend
Wars do come to an end
Apart yet together they strived
To keep a family whole
And to reach their goal
Of giving us the skills to survive

Now she is gone
But he soldiers on
In his quiet, wise, thoughtful way
Always on guard
With words both soft and hard
Our protector til’ the end of his days

Not alone in his task
We have only to ask
Her to come and she shimmers like light
Through the leaves on the trees
Calling us to believe
That the sun can shine in the night.

Words: Helen Temperley
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