Oh Anton, Roy, Buck and Kenny
Your words are few but your faces are many
I thought I knew you better than I do
Just who are you?

Are you a TV actor with a horse named Trigger?
A space age hero and a country singer?
A hurricane’s more predictable than your moods
Which wind are you?

Mister Rogers
Was is it that I need to offer
To keep your interest and your eyes on me?
Why can’t you see
I need desperately
For you to enlighten me?

Are you my friend or are you my foe Sir?
Do want me to stay or me to go Sir?
Like Jaques Clouseau I haven’t got a clue
And neither have you

Are you the helping hand or the deep quicksand?
Are you the lover’s choke or the suffocating smoke?
I don’t know I’m just so damn confused
I need you to draw me a line
I’ll step over when you find the time
To choose this hard place or a solid rock far away
Why can’t you just say?

    Oh Anton, Roy, Buck and Kenny
Your truths are few but your lies are many
I think it’s time I moved to pastures new
Without you.

Words and Music: Helen Temperley
Arrangement: Gary Miller
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